“Water quiets all the noise, all the distractions, and connects you to your own thoughts.” 

-  Wallace J. Nichols, Blue Mind

I am drawn to the ocean by a pull that’s hard to explain. The whole experience of being near the water and being outdoors is soothing to my soul and somehow always brings me an undeniable feeling of peace. This experience from nature is what inspires me to create. Over the years, I have explored many mediums. Currently, I prefer to paint with acrylics and I am exploring mixed media.

For my jewelry collection, Blue GypSea Jewelry, I create wearable art with recycled metals. I use recycled glass, fair trade gemstones, and genuine sea glass that I find along the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

My creations from nature make beautiful remembrances for anyone that loves the ocean or is inspired by the elements of the natural world. I hope my art brings you as much joy as it did me when I created it. Thank you for supporting the arts.

- Lisa